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Hard to believe it's already September! Jumpstart your Fall TBR with fabulous new titles or some GREAT deals!
Hard to believe it's already September! Jumpstart your Fall TBR with fabulous new titles or some GREAT deals!

The Sophocles Rule

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Tony Harrington, Book #5

It began with a simple coin toss, which led to a mystery, which led to the unthinkable.

The simple toss of a coin presents journalist Tony Harrington with a fascinating puzzle. And puzzles, he knows, can lead to good stories. As he searches for the origins of a particularly unusual quarter, others like it begin showing up around Orney, the small Midwestern city where he lives and works. He begins to suspect they are connected to a sixty-year-old mystery - an unsolved bank robbery and the brutal murder of its president.

As Tony digs deeper, he sparks a reaction from evil people determined to keep these secrets buried in the past. The results are two new murders and the disappearance of a teenage boy. The people of Orney react in fear and outrage, blaming Tony and the local newspaper, and putting the futures of both at risk.

With the help of a state investigator and a Hollywood actress, Tony charges ahead in the search for answers. The suspense escalates further when Tony's boss offers refuge to an ex-girlfriend fleeing a violent, abusive husband. As these intertwined stories unfold, the danger grows, violence erupts, and Tony finds himself staring into the barrel of a killer's gun.

Join Tony and his loyal friends and colleagues, as they race to find the missing boy, recover a fortune in stolen cash, stop a murderer from killing again, and once again prevent dark secrets from hiding in the past.

Owner fun fact: This is published by Bookpress Publishing here in West Des Moines, Iowa!

About the author: Joseph LeValley describes his life as filled with "outrageous good fortune." Prior to becoming an author, Joe was a reporter–photographer for daily newspapers for seven years. Subsequently, he served for more than 30 years as a healthcare executive. Also a musician and composer, Joe plays drums and guitar. In 2016, he was inducted with the Mourning Glory Rock Band into the Iowa Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. A lifelong Iowan, Joe has a degree in journalism from Drake University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Iowa. He and his wife Jane have six children and live in Dallas County Iowa.

*It is important to note that the Tony Harrington books may be read in any order. The order indicated here is by publication. Don't miss the previously published titles: Burying the LedeCry from an Unknown GraveThe Third Side of Murder, & Performing Murder