Mastery of Money for Students

Mastery of Money for Students

Carroll, Adam

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The knowledge and ability to make, manage, save, and invest money is critical to your overall success in life. Mastery of Money for Students is an easy-to-read, story-filled journey through the fundamental building blocks of pursuing Mastery. Your financial future is entirely up to one person––YOU. The earlier you start on the path to understanding money, the faster you’ll experience your own version of success.‍

Owner fun fact: This is published by Bookpress Publishing here in West Des Moines, Iowa!

About the author: Adam Carroll is a two-time TED talk speaker with one talk surpassing five million views. He is the co-creator of Broke, Busted & Disgusted, a student loan debt documentary which aired on CNBC. And, he’s a highly sought-after speaker and seminar leader having delivered over 1,000 presentations to date.