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February is Black History Month! Plus, don't miss Lunar New Year on Feb 10 & Valentine's Day on Feb 14!
February is Black History Month! Plus, don't miss Lunar New Year on Feb 10 & Valentine's Day on Feb 14!

Rise and Divine

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The Witches of Thistle Grove, Book #5

To save both her town and the woman who loves her against all odds, a witch haunted by loss must reckon with her turbulent past, in the next magical romance in the Witches of Thistle Grove series by New York Times bestselling author Lana Harper.

Even in a family of chaotic necromancers, Daria "Dasha" Avramov has always been an outlier. An event planner at the Arcane Emporium occult megastore, Dasha is also a devil eater: a rare necromantic witch with a natural affinity for banishing demons and traversing the veil, the filmy boundary between our world and the next.

Still grieving the loss of both beloved parents years ago, and plagued by a dangerous obsession with what lies beyond the other side of the veil, Dasha is both fiery and guarded, an expert at dodging commitment. Her one real regret is a devastating breakup with the wise, empathetic, and deeply sensual Ivy Thorn, her Honeycake Orchards event-planning counterpart and probably the love of Dasha's life. But Dasha has managed to break Ivy's heart not once, but twice, so things are more than a little tense between the two of them.

When they are forced to work together to plan the Cavalcade - a month-long festival celebrating Thistle Grove's ceremonial founding, with dazzling spectacles held by the town's four magical families - Dasha hopes that the third time might be the charm, while Ivy staunchly refuses to let herself be hurt again. As they confront the fault lines and passion lingering between them, Dasha and Ivy must also stand against an otherworldly threat unlike anything Thistle Grove has faced before.

Lana Harper is the pseudonym of YA novelist Lana Popović

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