The Spineless Porcupine

The Spineless Porcupine

Yang, SAY

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Why Our Differences Are Superpowers

"If you could only choose one kind of life, what would you choose?" Pearson asked. "One with quills living like every other porcupine or one that's trailblazing a new path in the vast wilderness?"

Mattie, the first porcupine born without any spines, is banished from her clan for being different. She's quickly picked up by the circus due to her commercial potential. At first, she loves the attention, but soon an emptiness grows deep within. That's when Pearson convinces her they belong in the wilderness instead of being enslaved under a ringmaster's control.

Will her heartache finally end by escaping from the golden prison of performing, producing, and perfecting?

Follow Mattie and Pearson's fantastical journey as they face their painful pasts only to discover their differences are their superpowers. It's an unforgettably rare story that speaks to every age because it's about what we all desire: to feel comfortable in our own skin.