The Witcher vol. 4

The Witcher vol. 4

Motyka, Aleksandra

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Of Flesh and Flame

Based on the hit games by CD Projekt Red!

Featuring the debut of creative team Aleksandra Motyka and Marianna Strychowska, and created in close collaboration with the studio behind the games!

Geralt is summoned by an old acquaintance to help solve a mystery involving his daughter. Upon arriving to investigate the situation, however, Geralt is surprised to find Dandelion, and the duo unexpectedly find themselves transported to regions beyond. After arriving in a dangerous and enigmatic location by mistake, they are forced to hide their identities while faced with an impossible task. Geralt works side by side with a local woman to defeat the dark forces plaguing the land but soon discovers that the situation at hand, in which he believes to be helping with, only leads to more trouble for the Witcher and results in all signs pointing towards him as the prime suspect.