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Come see us 12/2 at Gezellig Brewing & 12/9 at Brightside Aleworks!
Come see us 12/2 at Gezellig Brewing & 12/9 at Brightside Aleworks!

Shadow Speaker

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The Desert Magician's Duology, Book #1

Deluxe, expanded edition of an out-of-print early novel from Africanfuturist luminary Nnedi Okorafor, with a brand-new introduction from the author.

Haunted by vengeance. Destined for peace.

Niger, West Africa, 2074.

When fifteen-year old Ejii witnesses her father's beheading, her world shatters. In a time of mind-blowing technology and seductive mysticism, Ejii embarks on a journey to track down her father's killer. With a newfound friend by her side, Ejii comes face to face with an earth turned inside out - and with her own mystical ability. And then she discovers that her travels across the sands of the Sahara have a deeper purpose.

Nnedi Okorafor says this about Shadow Speaker "An unexpected apocalypse, spontaneous forests, polyandry, strange insects, fast cars, a new type of Sahara Desert, male beauty contests, death, robust chiefs schooled in martial arts, crafty assassins, this novel has many lives."

Now in an updated edition with a new introduction from the author herself, Shadow Speaker contains the powerful prose and compelling stories that have made Nnedi Okorafor a star of the literary science fiction and fantasy space and put her at the forefront of Africanfuturist fiction.