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If you are like us, you occasionally find yourself on the internet looking through those "best of" and "what's trending" lists. We LOVE a good list around here, and obviously the best lists include books! As we start month 6 of 2022 (seriously, how did that happen?!), we wanted to take a little journey through what you readers are loving so far this year and compare it to your overall favorite titles. 

So - what's trending right nowY'all are loving the Firetrucker Book Club selections so far this year, with 30 Things I Love About Myself appealing to readers of all demographics. Some sweet new titles like The Diamond Eye, Pandora's Jar, and Daughter of the Moon Goddess leapt straight onto the top of our list from release day.


What are your most loved books? We've kept careful track of what books y'all love since we opened in April 2021 so that we can consistently bring you even more titles to love. The House in the Cerulean Sea is truly a universally beloved book, and we were surprised to see it not quite make the Top 10 so far for 2022. From big names like Andy Weir & Colson Whitehead to smaller names like Radhika Sanghani & Tara Nurin, you love books from every corner of the publishing world!

If you've made it to the end of this post - congratulations! You are a data nerd too! We can't wait to keep sharing fun book trends with you! Join us to find the latest craze, or maybe something a little more off the beaten path.

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