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We are back and better than ever! Thank you for your patience regarding recent set-backs. We can't wait to see you at all our upcoming events!
We are back and better than ever! Thank you for your patience regarding recent set-backs. We can't wait to see you at all our upcoming events!
2022 Most Anticipated, pt. 2!

2022 Most Anticipated, pt. 2!

OK, I just couldn't help myself! There have been so many more amazing books announced by favorite authors (and up-and-coming voices!), that I just had to bring a Most Anticipated, The Sequel!

With popular authors Blake Crouch, Grady Hendrix, Anthony Marra, R.F. Kuang, and Alexis Henderson announcing official launch dates, who wouldn't be excited? 

  • Upgrade
    • How did I not realize that Blake Crouch had a new novel coming out?! I absolutely love his brand of science fiction. This is sure to be another brain-melter, but I'm here for it.
  • Mercury Pictures Presents
    • I love Anthony Marra's previous books, and I was absolutely shocked to see that there is a new title coming out this summer! Set during WWII-era Hollywood, this is not your typical WWII novel. I'm interested in this lesser-explored side of L.A.
  • The Hacienda
    • An own-voices gothic horror set during the Mexican War for Independence? This sounds so intriguing and the cover is absolutely stunning
  • Babel: Or the Necessity of Violence
    • This still isn't even the full title of R.F. Kuang's latest, but I'm 100% here for this. I *love* language and an obscure translator's revolution sounds so incredibly interesting. I really enjoyed The Poppy War (... I still need to finish that series. Oops), and I'm looking forward to a different take on Kuang's writing style.
  • How to Sell a Haunted House
    • A new Grady Hendrix? Sign me up. I've enjoyed each Hendrix title more than the last, and The Final Girl Support Group made a lot of my personal recommendation lists last year. I can't wait 👻.
  • House of Hunger
    • I can't lie, I was incredibly disappointed that Alexis Henderson was no longer releasing the sequel to The Year of the Witching in 2022. HOWEVER - she announced this for this year and it sounds spooky and just in time for Halloween. "WANTED - Bloodmaid of exceptional tasteMust have a keen proclivity for life's finer pleasures. Girls of weak will need not apply". Well, sign me up for this horror show, please.
  • Evil Eye
    • There isn't anything about this follow up to A Woman is No Man, but I am hoping it won't be anything less than Rum's fantastic debut.
  • Auē
    • After visiting New Zealand in 2015, I absolutely fell in love with the beautiful country. It didn't occur to me until I returned to the US that I'd never really read any Kiwi/Māori literature or authors. Most of my results turned up older books or books that just happen to take place in New Zealand. This new crime fiction by Becky Manawatu (Ngāi Tahu) is itching to take me back to Aotearoa.
  • The Wolf Den
    • The first in a new historical fiction trilogy, The Wolf Den takes us to Pompeii where the main character has been sold to a brothel by her mother. Talk about a hook! I love historical fiction, and Pompeii (pre-eruption) is a new time & place for me. Plus, the premise sounds incredibly interesting and there's the promise for two more titles to follow! *Note: the 2nd installment, The House with the Golden Door, will be released in May in the UK.
  • The Winners (Beartown, Book #3)
    • The US available, English translation of "Vinnarana", this is the final installment in the much beloved Beartown trilogy. UPDATE! THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED FOR AN OCTOBER RELEASE AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!

At this rate, I'm going to be living in an honest-to-goodness library.

How have your 2022 reading goals been going? Drop a comment below on your favorite read so far (or what you are most looking forward to)!

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